A little bit about us…

Because every good journey has to start somewhere. This is who we are and what we’re about, how we source products, and what we’re looking for in business partnerships and social collabs.

In the beginning…

Thou shalt covet thy neighbours garden bits…but not pinch them.

Decoration envy – that’s how it all started. Peeking over nextdoor’s fence, longing for their dreamy solar lanterns and other lovely garden bits. They had what We wanted and despite searching high and low to find something similar, we found nada. Our options back then were to jump the fence and take borrow what was NOT rightfully ours or; avoid a life of petty garden crime and spend some time a ludicrous amount of time sourcing our most wanted products from great suppliers.

In short, there was a whole bunch of things we really desired for our home, the garden, recreation and entertaining so we got them and now you can have them too.

The vision

We’re here to glow up your outdoor space; inspire you to entertain at home and get you venturing outside.

We want you to feel like you’re on holiday at home by creating an oasis in your garden whether your garden is an actual green space, courtyard, terrace or balcony.  The best bit, most of our products are portable so you can travel with them on your next adventure whether it be camping, a beach day, bushwalking or dancing your pants off at a 3 day festival!

How we source products

We source products from overseas and here in Australia from a variety of suppliers. When sourcing a product our key focus areas are reuse, durability, safety and portability – oh, and it needs to be pretty. We work directly with the manufacturer where ever possible and only engage with suppliers that offer consistently great quality and equally great communication and fulfilment.

Business partnerships

We are always looking for new products to add to our range and are currently seeking more Australian makers to join the party. Are you an Australian maker with goods that would fit our brand? Let’s talk about ranging your products on our site. Drop us a line to hi@partyinmygarden.au

Social collabs

Are you a stylist or micro-influencer who works with products designed for outdoors? We’d love to chat about creative partnerships. Drop us a line to hi@partyinmygarden.au