Shipping, deliveries & returns – oh my!

Don’t worry – we won’t leave you hanging like a piñata!
Find all you need to know about shipping costs, timelines, deliveries & order confirmations and what to do if you change your mind or your package wasn’t what you ordered.

The nitty gritty…..

Sometimes we change our minds or we may receive a wrong or faulty product. Here at Party In My Garden, we believe there’s no failure, only feedback so please reach out to us if any of the above scenarios arise – we want to know so we can provide the best experience and service as well as being able to work efficiently and effectively with our suppliers.

Don’t know about you but we loath getting to a checkout only to be stung by pesky shipping fees so, we don’t do that. Currently we only ship to Australia* and you will never cop a standard post shipping fee** at the checkout from us – guaranteed!

*Kiwi bro’s (NZ) we are coming for you soon
Goods shipped from Australia

Our Australian suppliers are quick off the mark processing and posting most sales within 24hours via standard shipping. That means you can expect to receive your delivery from these superstars within 2-4 days.

**Express shipping does incur an additional charge and is only available for some local ranges. See shipping details on the product page for more information or reach out to us by emailing

Goods shipped from overseas

Standard shipping from overseas can take 7 – 21 days


Spoiler alert – It’s good news – No FOFO here:

For goods shipped to you from overseas… Due to ongoing effects of covid on the supply chain and customs processing delays, our overseas suppliers estimate longer delivery timeframes in their tracking advice BUT we are happy to report that on average, deliveries are being received by our customers between 7-10 days.

Contact us if you have any questions: