Ava Hurricane Cocktail Glass 320ml – Set of 4

$79.95 + Free Shipping

Imagine this – you’re relaxing in the sun by a pool. There’s a gentle breeze blowing and you’re feeling a little parched when someone hands you a delicious cocktail. This is the glass you want them to hand you.

Part of the new and improved Ava range with more weight for an even better glass-like feel.

Made from 100% unbreakable polycarbonate, these babies are welcome around the pool anytime!

Sustainable Investment – Sounds good yeah?

That’s because is it. This Australian Designed drinkware by D-Still is made from polycarbonate making it 100% unbreakable, shatterproof and guaranteed never to chip or crack so you only need to buy it once and you can safely use it anywhere anytime.