Bond Martini Glasses 295ml – Unbreakable Set of 4

$64.95 + Free Shipping

Shaken, stirred, dirty, straight up or on the rocks – which ever way you like it, these Bond Martini Glasses from D-Still can deliver it. Martini’s not your thing? Try a vespa or any cocktail shaken with ice and served super cool with a side of class – like Bond.

From our Built to last, made-for-entertaining drinkware range that looks and feels like glass without the breakage hassles.

Sustainable Investment – Sounds good yeah?

That’s because is it. This Australian Designed drinkware is made from polycarbonate making it 100% unbreakable, shatterproof and guaranteed never to chip or crack so you only need to buy it once and you can safely use it anywhere anytime.